Google Task Mate Referral Code [New] 50+ Invitation Code Today

Google has created an innovative application for its users called the Task Mate Application. This app makes it very easy for them to earn money. Also, this application was also launched in beta version by Google. Users who regularly use the application to make extra money through it will only have to complete the tasks the application assigns them. The article contains everything you need to know about Google Task Mate.

This includes how to download it and how to use the referral codes that are working and can be used to sign up, as well as essential features, benefits, and more. Find out all you need about Google Task Mate in the following article.

Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate

Recently, Google introduced the Task Mate App to leverage its rewards program. This app allows Google Pay users to earn money by completing simple and easy tasks on their smartphones. Once a task is completed, the developer company pays them the promised amount.

These tasks facilitate the registration of different businesses and companies on Google. In this way, Google’s search results are improved. Users of Google Pay will receive payment from the app if they complete such tasks.

Task Mate Referral Code Live 2023

ArticleGoogle Task Mate Referral Code
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Last Update11th March 2023
Apk SizeDepends on the Operating System
CurrencyLocal Currency INR
VersionBeta Version (Early Access)
BenefitsEarn Money Online, Free Google Play Balance
Referral CodeP14MLA, CH7NB6, UEC4Y7

Invitation Code

Google Task Mate is available to Google users in beta form. Google uses an invitation system to allow users access to the app’s benefits. Consequently, using this app and earning money from it requires an invitation.

Tasks Allocation

You will receive an invite from Google, directing you to complete a few simple tasks on your phone after receiving it. Different tasks may be assigned, such as sitting and field tasks. If you live near your location, you can even search for tasks that are nearby and complete them to start earning. Upon earning rewards, you can cash them in at any time.

  • Capture images of shop fronts
  • Speak the sentences and record them
  • Sentences to be transcribed
  • Find out more about the shop
  • Keep a record of the sentence
  • Fill out the survey
  • Convert sentences between English and your native language

Keeping Track of Tasks

When you use the Task Mate App, you will be able to see the number of tasks you’re assigned, the ones you have completed correctly, the ones that are pending, the level of your completed tasks, tasks kept under review, and the earnings for completing each task.

The Cash Out Process

Once you have completed a certain number of tasks and earned significant money, you can select Cash Out from the Profile page. When you use the Task Mate App, you will receive your earned amount in your chosen electronic wallet or bank account.

Download Google Task Mate App for Android

App NameGoogle Task Mate
DeveloperGoogle LLC
App VersionBeta Version (Early Access)
Apk Size20-30 MB
Referral Code57H51Q or 64B97P
BenefitsHelp individuals to earn by using the application
CurrencyLocal Currency
DownloadGoogle Play Store

Benefits of Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate has the following benefits:

  • Users can earn money by completing tasks.
  • Google provides a common platform for business owners to post surveys, requirements, and requests.
  • The app is very user-friendly and helpful.
  • To retrieve money from the application, a user does not need to reach a certain amount.
  • There is no need for the user to have the extensive technical knowledge to use it.
  • This app can be used by people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Users are not at risk as they use the tasks; they are effortless and do not pose any danger to anyone.

Google Play Redeem Code Free

Working Google Task Mate Referral Code is K87UH5 or F689KH

  • Google LLC developed the application, and the same company owns it.
  • Users of Android devices can download Task Mate only from the Google Play Store.
  • Registration is easy, and the application is free to use.
  • Users are not required to complete every task assigned to them by the application.
  • If they choose not to do a particular task, they can do so.

How to Earn Money / Signup / Install Google Task Mate App

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a Task Mate account and earning money.

Google Task Mate Referral Code

Step 1: Download the Task Mate application from the official source (Google Play Store).

Step 2: Install the app, open it, and enter your email address to continue. Click on the Get Started button to proceed.

Step 3: Choose a language for the app. However, it can be changed later.

Step 4: Enter a valid referral code to complete your registration.

Step 5: Choose the language you prefer for surveys. You can choose multiple languages for it, or you can choose the language you are proficient in.

Step 6: You will receive an agreement from Task Mate Early Access. Click on Accept Agreement after reading the terms and policies.

Upon opening Task Mate, you will be taken to the main dashboard. Among the many tasks listed on the homepage, select the one you’re interested in from the list. You can choose between Sitting and Field.

Step 7: After the user completes the task, it will be reviewed. If you want to check your payment details and bank account information, click on the payments section.

Google Task Mate Invitation Codes List

Invitation CodeReferral CodeStatus
Referral Code 1K87UH5Working
Referral Code 23ICH41Working
Referral Code 3F689KHWorking
Referral Code 457H51QWorking
Referral Code 564B97PExpired
Referral Code 6M86IZ5Expired
Referral Code 7BHF28LExpired
Referral Code 8Z7MGR8Expired
Referral Code 9G3HM90Expired
Referral Code 10D26BH0Expired
Referral Code 111KBLB6Expired
Referral Code 126N71Z3Expired
Referral Code 13XP39BQExpired
Referral Code 14Z7MGR8Expired
Referral Code 15LT9R4AExpired
Referral Code 169FMXW7Expired
Referral Code 177ZQKW9Expired
Referral Code 18X5GY7KExpired
Referral Code 19KIMQP1Expired
Referral Code 20MKO6Y2Expired
Referral Code 21JW6K2QExpired
Referral Code 226RT51OExpired
Referral Code 23DH6U2NExpired
Referral Code 242BKHX5Expired
Referral Code 25PK2MKRExpired
Referral Code 26RS4T1FExpired
Referral Code 27D26BH0Expired
Referral Code 28G3HM90Expired
Referral Code 29N5Y89QExpired
Referral Code 304BR99BExpired
Referral Code 31X8H89KExpired
Referral Code 32307CH6Expired
Referral Code 3397B3K5Expired
Referral Code 34GN86K9Expired
Referral Code 35Z27C6HExpired
Referral Code 36S89F12Expired
Referral Code 37S96B56Expired
Referral Code 38E8L08NExpired
Referral Code 39V89ML3Expired
Referral Code 405ZY761Expired
Referral Code 419OLKL3Expired
Referral Code 42X686H7Expired
Referral Code 43B6811PExpired
Referral Code 4458MLH8Expired
Referral Code 4578B63KExpired
Referral Code 46X75TKLExpired
Referral Code 47X75TKLExpired
Referral Code 48G5H9OLExpired
Referral Code 494RU78LExpired
Referral Code 506N71Z3Expired

How to Redeem Money form Google Task Mate

Your local currency will be credited to your account after you complete the task, such as US Dollars or Indian Rupees. In order to receive your earned money, you must provide the details of your bank account or e-wallet. Once you fill out the payment details, click Cash Out to get your money in your wallet and bank account. You will receive your money in your local currency only after successfully submitting the payment request.

Google Task Mate is an efficient application to earn money easily by sitting around without requiring hard work. I hope you found this article helpful; read the complete information and start earning today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find working referral codes?

You can only use a referral code three times at a time. The beta version of Task Mate only allows you to sign up with an invitation code. This list of Task Mate invitation codes is updated daily with new codes, so you can always find working codes on our website. Keep checking here for the latest referral code, and you can easily create a new account.

What should I do if the Google Task Mate referral code does not work?

Task Mate App invite codes are six-digit unique codes that can only be used three times. The referral code/invitation code you receive when creating a Task Mate account can only be shared with three friends. As a result, he will pass on his referral code to his three friends. By doing so, the chain (network) will continue to expand.

If you try to sign up using a referral code, it doesn’t work. In this case, the code has expired, and you must create a new account with an activation code. Don’t enter random numbers; otherwise, your device will be permanently disabled.

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