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It is mandatory to register a birth in Delhi according to the Registration of Birth Act, 1969. The certificate is a legal document for the newborn and acts as identity proof. The Chief Registration issues the certificate under the Delhi Government. Today, we will learn how you can receive your birth certificate online in Delhi.

The NDMC birth certificate is evidence of the date and location of a person’s birth. It also provides information about the parents, the person’s gender, and in some cases, the person’s race.

The certificate is a crucial document for many reasons. For example:

  • For applying for a passport or driver’s license
  • To get married
  • For school enrollment
  • To get a job

NDMC Birth Certificate Delhi Download 2023

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NDMC Birth Certificate Online

Who is Responsible for Registering the Birth?

Registering to receive a birth certificate in Delhi is possible by applying online within 21 days of the newborn’s birth. The following can register the birth:

  • The household head, if the delivery occurs at home
  • The medical officer, if the delivery happens in a hospital
  • The prison-in-charge, if the birth occurs in a jail

The government provides an opportunity to register the birth until a year from the date of the birth of the newborn. If the date exceeds by one year, then the person responsible for registering the birth should visit the registrar’s office and follow the specific instructions to record the delivery.

Document Required for NDMC Birth Certificate in Delhi

If you are registering the birth in Delhi, the following documents are necessary:

  • Residential certificate of the parent
  • Parents identity proof
  • Proof of birth certificate issued by the medical officer of the hospital

If there is a delay in registering the birth, then the following additional documents are necessary:

  • A request letter from parents
  • Proof of address where the birth took place
  • Affidavit in the required format
  • Proof of birth obtained from the medical officer

Steps to Apply NDMC Birth Certificate Online Delhi

NDMC Birth Certificate Delhi

Step1: Visit the official website of the Birth Certificate Delhi government.

Step2: Now, choose the zone that your residential address falls into to register for the birth.

Step3: A new website opens up for that particular zone. Here, click on “New User Click Here for Signup/Registration” and proceed with the process to complete the registration.

Step4: After completing the user registration, log in with the mobile number and OTP received.

Step5: After logging into the website, scroll down the page and click the “Birth Registration” button.

Step6: A new window opens, which consists of the birth registration form. First, fill in all the details in legal information, mother’s information, father’s information, address, informant details (those filling the form and their relationship with the newborn), and informant address.

Step7: Upload documents of the mother’s ID, father’s ID, and vaccination details of the newborn.

Step8: Click the “Submit” button. You will receive the application number. Please save the number or take a screenshot of the screen and save it on the computer.

Now, it will take about seven days from the date of registration to generate the birth certificate by the Delhi Government. After one week or ten days of submitting the application, follow the steps below to get the birth registration certificate:

Download NDMC Birth Certificate Online 2023 @

1. First, open the Delhi Government’s official website.

2. Then, locate the “Online Services” tab and choose the “NDMC Birth Certificate” option from the services list.

3. On the next webpage, enter the application number and date of birth of the newborn and click the “Search” button.

4. A new window shows the details of the newborn, their parent’s name, and the option to view the certificate.

5. You can see the birth certificate by clicking the view button.

6. Finally, click the “Get Certificate” button on the new page to download the birth certificate.

7. Enter the applicant’s name, address, email ID, and phone number to generate OTP. Then click on the “Show Certificate” button.

8. The Delhi Government issued birth certificate will be on the next webpage.

9. Take a printout of the birth certificate and save a copy on your computer for later use.

Fee Applicable for Apply Birth Certificate in Delhi

The fee structure for getting a birth certificate in Delhi is as follows:

  • From 0 to 21 days: There is no fee for the first copy provided by the hospital or when the informant submits the application to register the birth at the citizen center or online.
  • After 21 days and less than 30 days: A late fee of INR 7/- is applicable if you submit the application within this time frame.
  • After 30 days and within one year of the birth: A late fee of INR 10/- is applicable if a parent registers for the birth within this time frame.
  • After one year: If you are submitting the birth registration certificate after one year of the birth, then parents must get SDM Order from their local area and submit the application along with a late fee of INR 15/-.
  • If an additional certificate is required: The Delhi Government will charge INR 20/- for every additional birth certificate issued.

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Queries on Apply Birth Certificate Online

Can I apply offline for the ndmc birth certificate?

Yes, applying offline for the ndmc birth certificate is possible by submitting the filled form at the respective citizen services center. In addition, the forms are available at the International Inoculation Center and other concerned areas of birth and death centers, at counter 1 of the Centralized Receipt Branch, and on the NDMC website.

Can I get the ndmc birth certificate for my one-year-old child?

Yes, you can apply for the birth certificate for your one-year child if you have not applied for it within 21 days from the original birth date. Suppose the time for application of the certificate has crossed one year. In that case, you must submit the application at the International Inoculation Center. Suppose the age of the newborn is less than one year.

In that case, parents can visit the SBS Place, Charak Palika Hospital, Palika Maternity Hospital, Kidwai Nagar, and Sarojini Nagar Center.

What is the time for the government to issue the certificate?

After submitting the application, the Delhi government verifies the documents and generates the birth certificate within seven days.

What will happen if I do not register a birth with the government?

Suppose parents or the informant of the birth fail to register the birth with the government. In that case, they will miss out on the benefits and essential documents issued by the government in the future. Therefore, it is the duty of the parent or an informant to record the birth with the government. They can also contact the local Registrar’s Office if it is more than one year since the child’s birth.

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