Pro Kabaddi Schedule 2023, Season 10 Teams, Time-Table, Start Dates

Every Kabaddi lover waits for this particular league every year. If you are one of them, the time has come. Yes, the new season of Pro Kabaddi is knocking on the door. The best part is it’s coming with a lot of new things.

Whether you are a kabaddi enthusiast or a beginner, you need to know some basics about Pro Kabaddi Leauge 2023. From the telecasting to the teams, there are so many things you should know.

That’s why we are here to give you all details. By reading this article, you will know about the teams, the match schedule, and how to watch the season. So, let’s get started.

Pro Kabaddi Schedule 2022

Pro Kabaddi 2023

As you can see, Pro Kabaddi 2023 is a popular league in India. Launched in 2014, the basic format was influenced by the famous Indian Premier League. Soon after the launch, it started getting popular across the country.

This league has a total of 12 teams. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, season 8 was postponed in 2021. However, the league came back with a fresh season 9 and you can watch your favorite matches on TV this year.

LeaguePro Kabaddi League
ArticlePro Kabaddi Schedule 2023
SeasonSeason 10
GameProfessional Kabaddi League
Strated Year2014
Total Teams12 Teams in the PKL
Pro Kabaddi Match Timing7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9:30 PM
Final Match of Pro Kabaddi Season 10December 17, 2023
Total League Matches132 League matches
VenuesBengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad (India)
Official Website

Pro Kabaddi Season 10 Teams

Now, you know the basics of the Pro Kabaddi Schedule 2023 League. If you are watching for the first time, you have to support a team as well. In this case, it’s good to know about all teams. That’s why we will share the details of each team in the following list. Let’s find out:

1. Dabang Delhi

It’s not unknown that Daband Delhi is one of the best teams in this league. Due to the consistency, they win hearts over years. Now, they are ready with a bunch of top players.

2. Patna Pirates

As the last year’s runner-ups, Patna Pirates have a great chance this year. All eyes will be on their performance. If you are a newbie, this amazing team can be your favorite team.

3. UP Yoddhas

UP Yoddhas are quite well-known because of their defensive skills. They added some top-notch players to make a strong team. You have to watch this cool team’s game to know more.

4. Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Giants is another underrated team you have to watch in this Pro Kabaddi season 9. They added a new coach who trained Patna Pirates before. So, we can expect some top-class performance from this team.

5. Bengaluru Bulls

If you are looking for a consistent team, this Bengaluru Bulls can be your favorite. That’s why all eyes will be on this amazing team. They also spent around 1.7 crores to bring Vikas Kandola.

6. Puneri Paltan

If you have been watching Pro Kabaddi for a while, we don’t have to introduce Puneri Paltan. This team holds three titles and always gives a quality performance. So, we are ready to watch their fabulous performance.

7. Haryana Steelers

Even though Haryana Steelers haven’t shown top-notch performance yet, we are looking forward for this season. The best part is they added some quality raiders for season 9.

8. Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers are ready with the star raider Rahul Chaudhari. As he didn’t perform well in past years, we can expect some new things this season. Get ready for their top matches.

9. Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors were the winner of season 7. So, we can expect top performance from this team. Plus, this team has an amazing defense as well. You will love their performance.

10. U Mumba

U Mumba’s performance was average for last few seasons. However, they appointed a new coach who’s trying to change the pattern of this team. So, we are expecting good performance this season from them.

11. Tamil Thalaivas

Pawan Sehrawat, the most expensive raider of this league is with Tamil Thalaivas this season. Without any doubt, you can expect something extraordinary from this cool team. So, get ready.

12. Telugu Titans

Last but not least, Telugu Titans is another huge name in the Pro Kabaddi league. Plus, they added some cool players this season. So, we are looking for some outstanding matches from this team.

Pro Kabaddi Schedule 2023

Knowing the match schedule is very essential, especially when you barely have time. You can watch 3 matches every day. The first match starts at 7:30 PM with two following matches at 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. All matches will be telecasted on Star Sports and Disney Hotstar live.

108 Nov 2023Bengal Warriors VS U.P. Yoddhas19:30 IST
208 Nov 2023Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Telugu Titans19:30 IST
309 Nov 2023Bengaluru Bulls VS Haryana Steelers19:30 IST
409 Nov 2023Tamil Thalaivas VS Puneri Paltan20:30 IST
511 Nov 2023UP Yoddhas VS Haryana Steelers19:30 IST
611 Nov 2023U Mumba VS Puneri Paltan20:30 IST
711 Nov 2023Patna Pirates VS Jaipur Pink Panthers21:30 IST
812 Nov 2023Bengal Warriors VS Gujrat Giants19:30 IST
912 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS UP Yoddhas20:30 IST
1012 Nov 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Dabang Delhi21:30 IST
1113 Nov 2023U Mumba VS Patna Pirates19:30 IST
1213 Nov 2023Tamil Thalaivas VS Bengaluru Bulls20:30 IST
1314 Nov 2023Bengal Warriors VS Puneri Paltan19:30 IST
1414 Nov 2023Gujrat Giants VS Haryana Steelers20:30 IST
1515 Nov 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS U Mumba19:30 IST
1615 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS Bengaluru Bulls20:30 IST
1716 Nov 2023Patna Pirates VS Tamil Thalaivas19:30 IST
1816 Nov 2023Dabang Delhi VS UP Yoddhas20:30 IST
1918 Nov 2023Puneri Paltan VS Haryana Steelers19:30 IST
2018 Nov 2023Bengal Warriors VS Telugu Titans20:30 IST
2118 Nov 2023Gujrat Giants VS Bengaluru Bulls21:30 IST
2219 Nov 2023UP Yoddhas VS Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30 IST
2319 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS U Mumba20:30 IST
2419 Nov 2023Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Patna Pirates21:30 IST
2520 Nov 2023Haryana Steelers VS Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30 IST
2620 Nov 2023Bengaluru Bulls VS Puneri Paltan20:30 IST
2721 Nov 2023Tamil Thalaivas VS Bengal Warriors19:30 IST
2821 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS Patna Pirates20:30 IST
2922 Nov 2023U Mumba VS Tamil Thalaivas19:30 IST
3022 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS Patna Pirates20:30 IST
3123 Nov 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Puneri Paltan19:30 IST
3223 Nov 2023Bengal Warriors VS Bengaluru Bulls20:30 IST
3325 Nov 2023Gujrat Giants VS Dabang Delhi19:30 IST
3425 Nov 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Tamil Thalaivas20:30 IST
3525 Nov 2023Haryana Steelers VS Patna Pirates21:30 IST
3626 Nov 2023U Mumba VS Bengal Warriors19:30 IST
3726 Nov 2023Puneri Paltan VS Telugu Titans20:30 IST
3826 Nov 2023UP Yoddhas VS Patna Pirates21:30 IST
3927 Nov 2023Tamil Thalaivas VS Gujrat Giants19:30 IST
4027 Nov 2023Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Bengaluru Bulls20:30 IST
4128 Nov 2023UP Yoddhas VS Bengal Warriors19:30 IST
4228 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30 IST
4329 Nov 2023Puneri Paltan VS Gujrat Giants19:30 IST
4429 Nov 2023Telugu Titans VS Jaipur Pink Panthers20:30 IST
4530 Nov 2023Bengaluru Bulls VS Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30 IST
4630 Nov 2023Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Tamil Thalaivas20:30 IST
4702 Dec 2023UP Yoddhas VS U Mumba19:30 IST
4802 Dec 2023Patna Pirates VS Gujrat Giants20:30 IST
4902 Dec 2023Haryana Steelers VS Bengal Warriors21:30 IST
5003 Dec 2023Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Puneri Paltan19:30 IST
5103 Dec 2023Telugu Titans VS Tamil Thalaivas20:30 IST
5203 Dec 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Bengal Warriors21:30 IST
5204 Dec 2023U Mumba VS Gujrat Giants19:30 IST
5304 Dec 2023Bengaluru Bulls VS UP Yoddhas20:30 IST
5405 Dec 2023Puneri Paltan VS Patna Pirates19:30 IST
5505 Dec 2023Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Haryana Steelers20:30 IST
5606 Dec 2023U Mumba VS Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30 IST
5706 Dec 2023Gujrat Giants VS Telugu Titans20:30 IST
5807 Dec 2023Patna Pirates VS Bengaluru Bulls19:30 IST
5907 Dec 2023Tamil Thalaivas VS UP Yoddhas20:30 IST
6008 Dec 2023Bengal Warriors VS Dabang Delhi K.C.19:30 IST
6108 Dec 2023Haryana Steelers VS Telugu Titans20:30 IST
6208 Dec 2023Bengaluru Bulls VS U Mumba19:30 IST
6309 Dec 2023Gujrat Giants VS Jaipur Pink Panthers19:30 IST
6409 Dec 2023Puneri Paltan VS UP Yoddhas20:30 IST
6509 Dec 2023Patna Pirates VS Bengal Warriors21:30 IST
6613 Dec 2023Eliminator 1TBC
6713 Dec 2023Eliminator 2TBC
6815 Dec 2023Semi Final 1TBC
6915 Dec 2023Semi Final 2TBC
7017 Dec 2023FinalTBC

How to Watch Pro Kabaddi Live Free

There are two options to watch Pro Kabaddi 2023. The best option is Star Sports where you can watch live matches onwards. In fact, you can also watch highlights and match discussions on this channel. If you don’t want to watch on TV, you can download the Disney Hotstar app on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also watch live matches on the Disney Hotstar website. However, you need a subscription to watch live matches.

You see, watching Pro Kabaddi can be very exciting. However, it can be more exciting if you know all the details beforehand, especially when you are a beginner. That’s why we have shared everything you should know about this league. If you need more details, you can check the official website.

IPL Schedule 2023

Queries on Pro Kabaddi 2023 Schedule, Venues

What is a golden raid in kabaddi?

A golden raid is conducted when there’s a tie between two teams in a knockout match. It will be given at the end of the extra time.

What is not allowed in kabaddi?

A raider can only be grabbed by his limbs or torso. They can’t be grabbed by hair or clothes.

Why is a red card given in kabaddi?

A red card will be shown to a player who committed some serious offense or broke match rules.

How many red cards stop a game?

When a pro kabaddi 2023 match gets five red cards, the match will be stopped. The opposite team will be the winner with a 3-0 result in this case.

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